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If you've ever fallen asleep in a workshop or sat fuming with rage about how the day could have been more enjoyably and productively spent at the dentist's office, you understand that high-quality, engaging professional development is hard to come by. Many times, teachers don't get a say about the workshop's topic, much less its date and time.

So what if you could attend a professional development session on a topic that's relevant to your everyday work and could make an immediate and profound impact on the way your classroom runs?

What if you could attend any time you choose, and go back and re-watch any parts that were particularly helpful?

And what if you could watch from the comfort of your couch?

That's what you get when you purchase online courses from Due Season Press and Educational Services: the convenience of on-demand professional development from someone you already know and trust to deliver a relevant, practical information.

If the resources on The Cornerstone website make sense to you and work with your students, then you know these courses will provide even more solid advice. And, you'll be able to print a certificate of completion which may count toward your continuing education credits!